Monday, April 16, 2012


So Easter. It was fun. You were insanely adorable. We got up, hunted for Easter baskets in the backyard where I pulled a great prank on you (look for the pics), went to morning mass with the Wagmans, ate breakfast and then prepared for a humongous lunch/dinner with the Wagmans. We crammed 18 people into their dining room! Wow! We had a successful egg hunt after the meal but I think it was only successful because your only competition was little Lu. And she was more smitten with the cat than the eggs. Overall, we had a very lovely day frolicking about with friends, neighbors and family. What a little lady you are turning into... pearls and all.

I tricked you into thinking the Yoda basket was yours and you crumbled.
Totally crumbled to the ground crying "I DON'T WANT THAT ONE!"

Then I felt bad and told you to keep hunting and you finally saw your loot on the swing.
You took off running saying "I SEE MY BASKET!!!" 

And here you are counting your loot. Explaining to me how much the Easter bunny left you.

Lucy at Easter Dinner

Lucy wasn't feeling the bunny ears.

Let the hunting begin!

Lu is actually looking at the cat and has zero interest in that egg.

Yup, Lucy loves the cat.

This is what Lucy thinks of egg hunts.

Hunt those eggs Nor!
In the middle of the chaotic day, someone mentioned that it was Lucy's first Easter. Oops. Totally dropped the ball on that one. Happy First Easter Lucy! But Mr. Kevin's mom was in attendance and she is 94. I think your 94th Easter is a much more awesome accomplishment than your 1st. But maybe it's just me...

Hopefully you and Lucy will get to experience 94 Easters too. How cool would that be?!?! 

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