Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Fools! It's Nonni's Birthday!

Nonni's birthday was on Sunday. It's exactly one week after your birthday. It also falls on April 1st, April Fool's Day. You don't need to comment on how fitting his birthday is. We all already know.

I still remember the first time you celebrated his birthday... it was the first time we had left our house after coming home from the hospital. I was terrified and exhausted and sore. You were mesmerized by the birthday candles.

Not a whole lot has changed... well you're slightly more alert now.

The entire Marcot clan (minus Nick) went to a seafood buffet for lunch and then to Wheaton Park for some train ride and carousel fun. We also sang happy birthday and ate cake in typical picnic style reminiscent of aunt molly's 21st back in October. We capped off our afternoon with some rigorous swinging which was fun for all. If you watch the video, look how excited Teddy gets! The last picture is not one where Lu is crying, she's actually squealing with delight.

And yes, you wore your party dress for an encore presentation. All of your own insistence. All of us had a very good time laughing, eating, playing: enjoying the family that Nonni built.

How blessed we are to have such an awesome Nonni to love us and celebrate birthdays with!

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