Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Taking a Leap

I am going to keep this short tonight. Three posts in three days... let's all clap for me! Well Lucy can b/c she learned to clap today!!! (See video at the end of the post) This follows her new ability to wave and drink out of a cup. Hooray.

When I picked you up from Ms. Patti's this afternoon, you were enthralled that today only happens once every four years. This concept is amazing to you. When I thought about it, last leap day in 2008, you weren't even in existence. You weren't even a glimmer in our eyes. Heck, you weren't even on the radar of "someday." Now four years later, you exist and are telling me that there are actually 364 and a quarter days in each year not 365, as generally assumed. Who did I give birth to?!?!

So you, Nora are two and three fourths years old and Lucy is just a plain three-fourths on your first leap year. Next time in 2016, you will be almost 7 years old and in 1st grade!!! And Lucy will be 4 going on 5. Crazy to think about.

Happy Leap Year Day my loves. Hopefully we will enjoy the next four years together.

And just because we should remember how I butchered Lu's beautiful thick hair: the pictures...

Before. She was actually crawling into things b/c her hair was in her eyes.
My heart was in the right place.

Then the blunt cut resulted in a very bowl-esk style. Sigh.

I put her hair up in pig tails to soften the blunt cut.

And the pacifier only lasted a couple days before she gave it up.

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