Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My First

I have spent alot of time lately talking about Lucy and your relationship with her. But, Nora, you will always be my first born. Your unquenchable thirst for adventure and knowledge and homework is exhausting to me but invigorating to you. Just today, in about 2 minutes I taught you how to write  the number 3. You already write 1s and 2s with pretty good accuracy. You were struggling writing 3s with those tricky curves. But motivated with a piece of sidewalk chalk, you were so thrilled with yourself and your new found talent that you spontaneously jumped up and hugged me so tight.

You asked to go outside this afternoon while I nursed Lucy into her nap. I allowed you to go outside with the door open so I could supervise from the couch. Once I put Lucy upstairs I came out to check on you. For a moment I panicked when I didn't see you. Did you fall into the pond? Did someone come into the yard and take you? Then there you were swinging on your own, singing to yourself. You looked like you could have been 6 years old. You are so independent, always have been. You are wicked smart, always have been. You are my first born, always have been. I have loved you from the moment we heard your heart beating away.

Nora no amount of toddler angst and baby jealously will change my love. Believe me, there has been alot. You are so funny, so full ideas and imaginary friends. Yes, we have had Kailee (sp?) appear and she even eats dinner with us. She eats all her chicken nuggets. You have such a rich imaginary world and can play inside that world for hours.

You love to sing and dance and count. You are obsessed with writing, drawing, matching games, patterns. You are crazy about opposites. You are proficient at letters, numbers, colors and shapes so Ms. Patti started you on opposites which you have just devoured. Now you love to make predictions while reading. You use clues from the story read to a mid way point to then predict what will happen. You have this uncanny ability to make very logical and creative predictions. Even our librarian who runs storytime was impressed. Your father keeps telling me not to be surprised by these developments. But I tell him kids your age and even older aren't even potty trained and you are figuring out patterns and making predictions! Ms. Patti and I can't keep up with the way you tear through concepts. You also have about 10-15 site words that you recognize including: mom, dad, dog, spoon, girl, Nora, toys. A few others I can't think of.  You have blown through the pre-writting to start on letters and numbers.

I seriously can't keep up. But I try. I don't think I am remembering half of what you are able to do now. Oh yes! Recently you have created a pretend language. It sounds like non-sense but you actually use the same non-sensical words each time. I get so aggrevated at you for talking this made-up language. It's obnoxious but creative too. I thought only multiples did this. Who knew a single kid would make up a whole language. Maybe I should start you on Spanish or another language known by more than just you.

Your sense of humor is great fun. You are absolutely hilarious and love jokes. We're always laughing at something usually stupid like butts (heehee). You have your likes and dislikes. You get yourself dressed / undressed. You pick out your outfits and for the last 6 weeks or so you have refused to wear pants. Instead you love to wear tights or leggings with skirts. Sometimes, you're mean to Lucy or Marta or even me. Ok, you are mean to me alot. For some reason, you feel the safest with me to fall apart.

And don't go away thinking "wow, I was a wonder-child and great at everything!" That is far from reality. I hate to break this to you Nora, but you're not very physically coordinated. Throwing or kicking a ball with aim is quite a difficult maneuver for you. You aren't the fastest or best at obstacle courses but you still give it a good try. You also become an over-emotional mess when you are even slightly tired. The whining. Oh I can't take the whining some days. Next month you'll be 3 years old. I don't know what to expect but even if I did make a prediction, I would probably be wrong. You are an endless surprise and just when I think I have you figured out you go and surprise me all over again.

You live your life with such intensity and affection that even if the slightest amount remains for your adult life, you will be one incredible grown-up. You already are one incredible kid.

You earned an ice cream cone and of course you requested: PINK!

My absolute favorite recent picture of you.

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