Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Growing Up

Mommy is one happy lady today. A well rested lady. Lucy finally did it. She slept through the night in her own bed. Alleluia! Actually, I think I have you to thank, Nora. You and Lucy share a room and it's just heartwarming to see the two of you together. The first night, Sunday, we put Lucy in her crib. she cried a bit. Watching her on the video monitor, we saw you approach the crib, stick your head over the railing reach into the crib to pat Lucy and you said, "It's ok Lucy. Big sister here. Shhhh. Big sister here." I could see Lucy look up at you and she became calm for a moment (like 3 seconds). It seriously made me tear up, seeing my dreams for you two start to develop. More importantly, Lucy can see your bed from her crib. She knows you are there. She knows her big sister will protect her. Monday night we let Lucy SCREAM for 20 minutes before I sent your father up to go move her into the swing. As your father entered the room, Lucy was all of sudden quiet, you were in your bed sucking on your blanket. You simply said, "She ok now Daddy. Goodnight." And you both were ok.

Sharing a room will not always be so grand. You ask that Lucy sleep with you along with Stan and Owie (who is staying with us while Aunt Katie, Uncle Kevin and Teddy are on a winter va-ca). I know one day there will be screaming fits, needing, wanting your own space. But for now, for tonight, I will cherish the thought that you and your sister are together. I wouldn't trust Lucy with anyone else.

No matter which way you slice it, Lucy is growing up. She has come a long way from the scrawny little babe that we brought home over the summer.
Lucy started off...

Rolling on purpose. I am a little too excited about this. But she was a little behind in meeting this milestone so I was happy she was finally doing it on her own!

Crawling... started after Christmas. Around the 6th month mark.

And then... THIS.

How did I become so lucky to have such wonderful little people living in my house? An entire night's sleep sure has me singing a different tune, doesn't it? Oh sleep, how I've missed you! (Now I have probably jinxed the entire thing).

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