Thursday, February 16, 2012


Daddy won a $100 gift certificate to pottery barn from his work. Last year. Like 18 months ago... we never spent it. In fact we lost the card for awhile because you "borrowed" it for your own purse. I knew we should spend it before we lost it again. After much heming and hawing, we settled on the "Anywhere Chair" from PBK. I refused the free personalization because this an expensive kid's chair and I was not going to fork over another $100 for another one for the Lu. So in an effort to remain neutral, the chair is nameless. But, it has a bird.

I would never have bought this chair if it weren't for the gift card. However, I have to admit, it's a really nice chair. The whole concept is that it can fit 'anywhere' into your home. We put it in the living room. It didn't take very long before both of your tiny butts were snuggled in. Lucy loves to climb it, you love to lounge. Heck, I even use it for a pillow so I can warm my behind on the fire. This chair is light and airy but super plush. If I were rich and had a humungo house, I would've bought a second chair. But in our meager family, you and Lu will just have to share.

Somehow though, I think it's the sweeter deal.

And Teddy loved lounging to drink his bottle. It IS super comfy.

However, there are times when even the anywhere chair can't beat sleeping with your dogs.

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