Saturday, October 8, 2011

Winning Moments

Don't judge. I still haven't committed to any changes or a new blog. I have played around but mostly I waste nap times on Baby Center birth boards or prowling Facebook or perusing the Internet for dairy-free recipes that is if I'm not doing an endless list of chores or napping myself. Have I not mentioned the hairy one appears to be dairy sensitive? Sensitive meaning not life threatening just massive amounts of puke. Of the projectile variety. Yummy. We caught it fairly early at 2 months and I have been dairy free b/c I'm the only food source for her. No more cheese or ice cream or milk chocolate. BUT! The projectile vomit is a thing of the past. Win!

Last weekend we celebrated Aunt Molly's 21st birthday. We kept it ultra-classy with a massive McDonald's dinner on a table cloth on the floor of Molly's 300 sq ft efficiency in Takoma Park with the entire family. Yep, all 12 of us consumming Mickey D's with sparkling apple juice. Classy Win! Please reference the pictures for a more accurate illustration of events:

We also got to play with TEDDY! Another Win! I think last weekend was the first time Teddy and Lucy even realized the other existed. I caught the moment of recognition with a photograph that says to me: "Hey! Another thing that looks like me!"

And since we were down in the College Park area we had to stop by and take our favorite college student, Becca out for lunch! Oh what fun we had at the diner together! Higher Ed Win!

Go ahead and judge... the only way I can feed myself and children if I allow them to watch TV while I prepare a meal. It's either that or the drive-through for every meal. We begin and end our days on the couch, in front of the boob tube. Lucy loves to watch TV. On a more serious note, Lucy has some eye issues that we are dealing with. Anyone heard of Marcus-Gunn Jaw Wink? She has that along with astigmatism in both eyes (abnormal for infants) and a left eye that doesn't want to stay open when the right one is winking. Complicated? Yes. We are going for regular eye appointments until she needs glasses at 12 months or the problems resolve on their own. So I allow her to watch TV since her world is more blurry than it should be and we don't know for sure how much she can see yet. So when she shows interest in that HUGE light 8ft in front of her (Nels has a 60in TV. Excessive? Yes!), I let her stare all she wants, which in turn allows me to cook a meal. Wins all around!

"Mommy! I can see a something bright and moving!" Yes, Lucy, one would have to be blind not to see that monstrosity of a TV. But I'm glad you're enjoying yourself!
 Finally, an experiment. Would Lucy still be cute without her hair which is her signature piece? The answer: Absolutely! Although it takes a hardy hat to contain all the hair and this one only lasted about 10 minutes before her hair won out. Hair-1 Hats-0.

I broke our camera (Loose!). It's off to be repaired by Sony... on their dime so that sort of takes the sting out of not having the camera. Maybe without my photo-taking obession, I can focus on getting my mommy blog off the ground. Or maybe I'll just spend the time snuggling with the two of you on the couch. Double WIN!

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