Monday, October 31, 2011

Suck It Sears!

We can't afford professional pictures right now. Trying to make it on one income and all. Besides when Nora was 4 months we had a horrific experience at our local Sears Portrait. I swore I would never go back. And I haven't! I used some old sewing scraps to make a background and used Lucy's cloth diapers and hats.
Suck it Sears! Who needs your portrait specialist when you have a motivated momma?!?! HAHA! I win!
I'm not bitter or anything.  PS. NEVER get photos done at the Westminster Sears, call me instead! 

A big thank you to Marta who is letting me use her beautiful Cannon while our Sony camera was sitting in a FedEx Mailbox for 20 days!!! It was never picked up!!! We finally found it after lots of phone calls, accusations and tears. The camera is on it's way to Texas to be fixed. Hopefully we'll have it back for Thanksgiving. (Just to clarify, I was the one being accused and crying. Damn FedEx! They have a BBB complaint coming their way!)

Pictures of the defiant one will be posted soon. She hits two and a half and BOOM! "No pictures Mom!" Thank goodness for the hairy one, she doesn't know any better yet!

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