Thursday, September 1, 2011

Playing with Blogger

No drastic changes to the blog yet. I still can't commit. It's a wonder I ever got married or made any life decisions whatsoever. But I was playing with Blogger's new interface and deciding if I should stick with tried and true Google or switch production to Wordpress. Hmmmm the jury's still out and I still can't stand the picture uploader on Blogger. It could also be the lack of FiOs in our area. C'mon Verizon get your butts out here to install some fiber optic cable in Westminster, Maryland. You can do it!!! Me and my blogging would be eternally grateful.

Here are some pictures I was practicing with.
The picture of Nora with shaving cream is from the MD Science Center's Summer of Irresponsible Science series. It was taken about an hour after that East Coast earthquake in August. I love the picture because it says so much to me. And of course Lu (or Lou?) is a favorite subject lately. Somehow through all of the craziness that is life, Jessica has remained my best friend. Something I am so so so grateful for.

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