Friday, September 30, 2011

Hotdog! And the Hairy One

Sometimes I second guess moving away from the culture and hustle and bussle of a big city and then there are times where I couldn't imagine living any where else. There's something so charming about small towns that makes my heart smile. It could be that ours put you and Stan on the front page of the Monday morning paper for winning a local dog show in best costume. I'm not joking. You made the front page of the paper dressed as a hotdog!!!
I have a stack of papers to prove it. Don't worry the article will be framed and placed on the wall for all eternity for us to point to when your date arrives to take you to prom.

It was so fun and silly and so very cute.

You know what's also fun, silly and cute? Yup. Lucy. And her hair. OMG her hair. Crazy, out-of-control, most adorable thing you have ever seen hair. If I had a dime for everytime some random person stopped me, I would have at least a $100. Yes. I've been stopped at least a 1000 times in the last three months. People SWARM to her. Once I tried putting a hat on her so she wouldn't attract alot of attention and I could get my shopping done in a reasonable amount of time. People still stopped b/c Lucy's hair was sticking out from under her hat. I forget how shocking and beautiful her hair is. She does look like a living doll, which people point out after they are done gawking at her hair.

How rich we are in adorable hotdogs and hair. Maybe our mortage company will let us pay them in toddlers & dogs dressed as hotdogs and mounds of baby hair. That would totally rock.

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JessRus2 said...

Last week at Ikea Ashley wanted to buy this doll..She kept calling it Lucy.