Wednesday, August 24, 2011

EARTHQUAKE! And Stolen Nutella

Oh Nora! I know I haven't been good at updating or making a decision about this blog with the arrival of Lucy. I have contemplated some BIG changes to the blog and I am close to committing to them. Exciting.

What could be more exciting? How about an earthquake!

We had the "Great East Coast Earthquake of 2011" yesterday. All 5.8 of it. We were at the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. As Daddy's office, all the federal buildings, John Hopkins, and other museums in the Inner harbor were evacuating, the Science Center was busy creating a teachable moment. Instead of announcing an evacuation the Science Center announced: "We have just experienced an earthquake! If you should have any questions on how an earthquake works or why they happen, come to the front lobby for a demonstration!"

I was actually with Lucy in the bathroom changing her and Troy was with you upstairs in the museum. I was completely confused after finding you in Troy's lap in the Space exhibit playing with Legos. Troy asked if Lucy and I had felt the earthquake and I had no idea what he was talking about! I didn't know what an earthquake was like. Thank goodness we had an experienced West Coaster on our hands! Troy had enough sense to gently pick you up and hold on tight. You had no clue what happened and wanted to keep playing with the Legos. There was major overreaction in the region to the earthquake but it was very indicative of 9/11 and the unknown. We couldn't call from cell phones but we were able to text. Daddy made sure we were all ok then we went to check out the dinosaur exhibit.

This whole incident did make me start to think about what would have happened if it was more serious, like in Japan. What would I have done if I was separated from you during an emergency. Troy was excellent in remaining calm and taking care of you when I wasn't around. But it made me realize the nasty panic feeling of being separated from my kids during an emergency. It was different than being separated from Daddy when he was in his motorcycle accident or my family on 9/11 as Nonna and Nonni tried to make it home safely from DC / Pentagon. Those were awful feelings but just thinking about not knowing if you are / will be safe is absolutely sickening. I pray that I will never feel that for real. However fleeting the "emergency feeling" was yesterday, it was enough to make me understand how gut wrenching it would be. God help me if either of you would ever get seriously hurt or worse, be killed. I don't think I would survive if something happened to either you or Lucy. I would physically die of a broken heart. Oh what horrible, horrible thoughts.

And then if the earthquake wasn't exciting enough, I accidentally stole an entire jar of Nutella from Target today. It was a complete misunderstanding involving Lucy's car seat. I was flustered at checkout as Lucy was screaming and became distracted. I forgot about grabbing the Nutella and it had slid under Lucy's car seat. I didn't discover the stolen booty until we were out at the car and I lifted her car seat up. Lucy was screaming, I was debating what to do. Somehow I justified putting in my bag and driving off with it. Can I blame it on my nerve-wracked crazed state when Lucy becomes hysterical and nothing calms her down like a good pot hole ridden road? I don't think straight! Thank goodness you were at Ms. Patti's and had no part in my deviant behavior.

In other news Marta has arrived at our house and is now a resident in the upstairs bedroom. She is starting her Masters program at John Hopkins school of Nursing. She will be staying with us for a little bit; traveling downtown to go to school. Troy, her husband is only here for the week as they transition to a bi-coastal marriage. Fun times ahead with Auntie Marta! You have already become quite smitten with her and she is the best baby whisperer around too.

Although we didn't do a formal vacation this year, we did visit the Aquarium with Ashley and Jessica, do the Science Center with Troy, attend the annual Crab Feast with friends, and go for a ride on the Wheaton Regional train where we also spent the night with Nonni and Nonna. All on our vacation week from Ms. Patti (who went on a Caribbean cruise. Lucky!). However by the end of the week you had the meltdown of all meltdowns about our tablecloth. You heaped on the floor and screamed "other sheet!" over and over for at least 10 minutes. I had bought (I thought) a very nice tablecloth. I replaced the old one during your nap. Once you woke up, you were not happy about my switch-a-roo. You couldn't handle it. Part of me wanted to yell or make fun of you for this crazed behavior. Then it dawned on me, "You miss your friends and Ms. Patti don't you, Nora?" You just nodded your head and started screaming all over again. I forget sometimes that being 2 is hard and you rely heavily on routine. I had completely uprooted every part of your routine last week including the tablecloth that we eat on. I don't think you missed not having a vacation but I did. I'm not 2 and I enjoy a little relaxation and excitement away from my routine.

School started back for teachers. I am a little sad and forlorn. I miss being part of my school community. I miss the interactions and the problems to be solved and some of the people. Every morning this week when I would have been on my hour commute into work, I get to gaze into Lucy's eyes and watch her smile. It's a consolation and helps with the melancholy. I have no idea what I'm doing but knowing I get to figure it out with you and Lou makes it a little less scary.

Here are some pictures from our "stay-cation" which sounds more fun that it actually is:

Stratch that. The uploader is being rude and not letting me post pictures.

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