Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Uncle Kevin is the Coolest: Part II The Video!

Here is the birthday shout out from Chica on Sprout! Thanks to Aunt Clare who recorded it and Uncle Kevin who posted it!!!! When we got back from Wisconsin last night (extremely exhausted), we played the video for you on our TV and you began to shout, "Nora! Chica! Nora! Chica! Birthday!!!" I should have taken a video of that. It was priceless and so worth it.

Today you wore your "My Birthday" shirt again to Ms. Patti's daycare. You also brought "cakes" to share. Cupcakes that is. Since mommy was so jet-lagged, we picked up store bought cupcakes with neon colored frosting and plastic rings mushed in the center. I was horrified to send these to daycare. However, Ms. Patti said they were delicious and all the kids loved them. It made me feel better. Nonni's birthday is Friday and we will be celebrating your birthday (again) with him and my family. Then your kid party is April 16th at a play gym. So your birthday seems like its never ending. Though two is an awfully big birthday. It warrants a few parties :)

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