Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No, Not!

In a few weeks you will be two. There is alot going on around your birthday and the weeks following. We have two weddings to attend within three weeks. One in Wisconsin (hello, plane ride!) and one on the border of North / South Carolina (hello, 8hr road trip!). We will be in Wisconsin on your actual birthday, March 25th. Because of our hectic travel schedule we have booked a co-birthday party at "My Gym" with Ashley on April 16th. She will turn two the first week in May. It works out so well since 1. it's half the price 2. we don't have the time to plan a birthday party with activities for two-year olds.

My favorite part of you lately has been your increased communication with the world. You love to speak your mind and tell us all about your day.

At 23 months you have become obsessed with a few sayings:

  • my favorite is "NO! NOT!" which you use in place of just the word no. I guess you want to make sure I really understand that you don't want to do something. "Hey Nora, do you want to take a bath?" NO, NOT!
  • "Right?" you put the word right at the end of almost everything you say. "Nora go get your coat." and you repeat what I say, "Get coat, right?" Your father and I are affirming almost everything you see. "BUS! right?" Yes Nora that huge yellow vehicle was another school bus, the 75th of the day. "Stan naughty, right?" "Dinner, right?" Sometimes you talk for a few seconds and we have no idea what you said but then you say, "Right?!" and we just shrug and say "RIGHT!"
  • You describe foods as either "TASTY!" meaning you like it. Or "SPICY" (you don't like it). You also use words like hot / cold but we have no idea where you discovered the words tasty vs. spicy. Tonight's Fat Tuesday dinner of blueberry pancakes and sausage (hotdogs to you) was TASTY!
  • And if you like something you say "LIKE IT!" and if you don't like something you say "LIKE IT" but with a scrunched up nose and a disgusted look on your face. I have tried to prompt you with "don't like it" or even "not like it" but so far you stick with the same saying. I have a found it a good lesson on tone. "Nora by listening to the tone of your voice, I can tell that you don't like the spinach ravioli. I also see that you don't look happy." You usually just look at me and nod, like "Duh, mother, who would like this!"
  • You are a pronoun champ. You can use almost all the pronouns correctly. "You do it!" "Where are they?" The one exception is I. You insist on using me instead of I or referring to yourself in the third person. "Me do it!" or "Nora get shoes!"
  • You count to 10 with perfection and the alphabet is good until the L-M-N-O part. You are regularly working on lessons with Ms. Patti and have a homework packet each week. Last week's theme was circles and the color red. You know Sunday-Monday but then get foggy with Tuesday and beyond. You love the months and know that your birthday is in March. I don't think you grasp the concept of days / months but the repetitiveness is what you remember.
    • Finally over the weekend we went to the local community college that was hosting a Random House book fair (there is a R.H. distribution center right outside of town). Nonni and Nonna came up for the event. It was a grand affair.

      You perused the many children's books with Nonni and Nonna.

      You met and fell in love with Butch Cassidy a labradoodle who was accompanying an author's book signing who wrote a book about a dog like Butch.

      You attended the Kid's Activity Center which was space themed where you colored, fished for letters, threw bags full of beans through a board decorated with planets and stars. You even got a temporary tattoo.

      After the book fair we went to lunch with Nonni and Nonna where you scared everyone with your "scary face" that you must have picked up at Ms. Patti's. You and Nonni played together while we waited for a our food to arrive. It was such a relaxing afternoon. And who doesn't love some good quality time with Nonni and Nonna?

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