Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How Loved You Are

Your 2nd birthday is Friday. How did that happen?!?! We will be in Wisconsin for a wedding. You will get to spend your birthday with our mid-west family! Hooray! Our flight is tomorrow and I am getting overwhelmed with travel things.
But this post is not about my stress it's about how loved you are!

First, the next door neighbors wanted to make sure you opened their birthday outfit. An aunt of theirs owns a children's boutique in Rhode Island. They got this outfit for you from there! The tunic comes with aqua shorts which are just adorable! You will be in high style this summer!

Then we got a package from Aunt Katie, Uncle Kevin and cousin Teddy. We Skyped with them last night as they watched you open their awesome gift! The Melissa and Doug Pizza set with 75 pieces! You did such a good job keeping track of your cookie set, that they got you the "more advanced" wooden play set. Uncle Kevin and Teddy also send their favorite book, "Rainbow Fish" and we are going to read it very soon. It comes highly recommended, so I am sure we will enjoy it!

Finally, today you opened a birthday gift from Aunt Kaarn and Uncle Cliff and their brood! It was quite a delight and the most perfect gift! I was going to buy it myself for your birthday! Aunt Kaarn and Uncle Cliff sure know what you like! We took two videos: the first is opening their gift and the second is us playing with the new birthday gift! I think I am going to have trouble wrangling you away from this toy when we leave the house!!!

Nora, there is no doubt, you are one loved little girl. It's not even your birthday yet and you have already been showered with gifts!!!

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Reidun said...

Happy Birthday Nora Bean!!!!!! Rainbow fish is still one of my favorite books so hopefully you love it too :) Miss you!!!