Friday, March 25, 2011

Because Uncle Kevin is the Coolest!

Today you turned 2. I can't believe it but you have been with us for two entire years.
What will it be like in 16 years? Or 30? I will still be so proud of you.

You love a channel called Sprout. You ask for it by name. You especially love Chica (a chicken puppet) on the Sunny Side Up Show: . It just so happens that Uncle Kevin has some connections on the Sunny Side Up Show and was able to get Chica to wish you a happy birthday today on air!!! I mailed a birthday card a couple weeks ago and it was read on TV today!!! How awesome is that?!?!?

However, the farm in Wisconsin does not get cable channels and the hotel we checked into this afternoon has very limited access so we have yet to watch the segment where Chica wishes you a happy birthday but it is something we are dying to see the minute we land back in Maryland. It was recorded by Nonni and Nonna (who confirmed they saw it), and we set two of our TVs to record it.

Cousin Teddy was the one who alerted Aunt Katie and Uncle Kevin that the Sunny Side Up show was on and that they were reading your birthday card! Only a month old and he is already looking out for you!!! I know we haven't seen the segment on TV yet, but I did take pictures of the birthday card before I sent it in.

There is no denying your Uncle Kevin is the absolute coolest for getting your card read by Chica today. It was such an awesome, unique gift that we will always remember!!! Thank you Uncle Kevin!!!! We love you so much!!!!

As for today, it has been rather laid back and relaxed. We had a delicious Culver's lunch where you had a corn dog but you only ate the dog part. You wore your "Birthday Girl" shirt which got lots of compliments and well wishes. Grandma, Grandpa and Great-Grandma ordered you a Barney cake from a local bakery. Tonight we stopped by the rehearsal dinner for the wedding tomorrow and everyone sang happy birthday to you. You blew out the '2' candle and everyone applauded. You grinned from ear to ear today as you would announce "My Happy Day!" and some people would inquire how old you are and you would respond with a resounding "TWO!"

I cannot even begin to describe how you have changed our lives in the last two years. There are no words for when a person so fully and completely changes everything you are and everything that is important to them.

Happy 2nd Birthday Nora Verna Jothen.

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