Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Fever

We had planned a busy Friday this past week. However, that all changed when you woke up with a fever. A 103.5 fever . Yeah a serious fever. You refused to take any medicine or drink or even eat a popsicle! We cancelled all our plans. We didn't get to to go to Nonni's Christmas / retirement party or go out to dinner for Aunt Clare's birthday. You didn't get to visit my school and see the teachers who ask about you all the time. Instead we spent the day curled up together, snuggling with your blanket as we coaxed your fever down. I had to work Saturday and you got up every hour or two Friday night into Saturday. I was exhausted but finally on Saturday morning you woke up with a slight fever that vanished by the afternoon.

It physically hurt me to see you in pain. Your cry pierced my soul during the night. Something I haven't experienced since you were small and helpless. I was not very happy with this fever but how I cherished the time snuggling with you. You have not let me hold you while you sleep since you were a newborn. Your independence has always been welcomed and fostered but just for 24 hrs it was nice to have a snuggle bug. You reminded me no matter how big you get, you will always be my baby.

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