Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Falling into December

December is upon us and in full force. Christmas is fast approaching and I have done nothing. No decorating, no tree, no present buying or wrapping, no giving or helping the less fortunate. This lack of holiday festiveness does not appear to bother you. Although when Ms. Patti put up her Christmas tree on Monday, you became so thrilled and excited you began to jump and dance around. You love to point out Santa Claus in pictures or decorations and with quite a good amount of gusto you say "ho ho ho!" I am not sure how much you understand about what is going to happen on December 25.

This weekend was busy including helping Grandpa and Grandma pick up leaves in their yard. Of course jumping (or being thrown) into a giant pile leaves is icing on the cake after an afternoon of work. Your energy and spirit definitely keep us going sometimes.

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