Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas has come and gone. This week is suppose to be one of vacation and rest but somehow we always over-schedule it! So to re-cap our Christmas 2010 what better way than in pictures!

Christmas Eve morning started with brunch to celebrate Nick, our neighbor's 21st birthday!

Christmas Eve mass was spent at the Baltimore Basilica where your father and I were chosen to bring up the gifts!

Christmas Eve dinner started off with some pretty serious praying and ending with some light piano playing and Skyping with cousin Thisbe and family!

Christmas morning was everything to be expected with you: excited squealing, arm waving, dancing, clapping and your overall joy was contagious.

We ate the traditional Marcot Christmas breakfast, minus VJs famous sticky buns... maybe next year.

On the 27th, we celebrated Nonni's retirement. Aunt Katie and Uncle Kevin surprised us with a limo to take all of us to Old Ebbitt Grill in Washington DC. Delicious! To top off our evening, we visited the national Christmas tree in front of the White House.

Today, Decemeber 30th, your father and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary with no cards or gifts or fancy dinners (in fact we ate left overs!). We did however visit Gettysburg military national park with Nonni and Nonna and Uncle Bill. Fun times, even when everyone fell asleep on the way home!

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