Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wine Me Up

Today we attended the The Maryland Wine Festival. It's held every third weekend in September in Westminster. Your father and I have been attending for 10 years now, way before we moved up here. You joined us for the first time last year... well if you want to get specific you were growing in my tummy Sept. 2008 when we attended.

There is something so wonderful about a crisp fall day, fresh local wine and good friends that makes this event perfect every year. The joy and relaxation were welcomed reliefs after a stressful week for your father and I. Playing with you, really just being with you is a centering experience. You are the reason we work so hard and push ourselves. You are the reason we put everything we have into this world... for time with you today and tomorrow.

We are already looking forward to the 2011 Maryland Wine Festival with our two year-old!

September 2009: Almost 6 months old

September 2010: Almost 18 months!

All the stress and obnoxious work situations are worth it to be able to spend the day with you smiling and having fun. Thank you Bean for reminding us what life is all about.

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