Thursday, September 30, 2010

When September Ends

When September ends (today) all of these things have occurred:

  • Our digital camera is broken. It doesn't take focused pictures anymore.
  • Tropical Storm Nicole is pounding us now and the skies seem like they will never stop pouring and the sun will never shine again.
  • Schools let out 2 hrs early today b/c of the massive storm. Daddy got home early since he has to travel next week. But we didn't go and pick you up from Ms. Patti's right away. Instead we sat on the couch, cuddled together and watched mindless TV. In fact I think it was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze.
  • You use 'please' 'thank you' 'your welcome' and 'bless you' on a regular basis. I've had a cold for a week and I sneeze constantly and I always hear this tiny voice say, "bless you." after every sneeze. I won't lie, it's made this cold a bit more tolerable.
  • I figured out you understood the concept of thank you when I gave you a cup of milk. You took it out of my hand said, "thank you" and toddle out of the kitchen. However, you will not say thank you for abstract concepts, like "thank you for a good time today." All goodbyes are a hardy wave and exuberant "BYE!"
  • Someone has an obsession with kissing. Kissing everyone including Stan and the Lazer cat.

  • Daddy and you love to play "Star Wars" and he has to be Boba Fett and you get to be Darth. Tonight, the whole gang took a ride in the animal train.

  • You're terrified of farm animals in person (my fault from the incident at the petting zoo this summer) but you LOVE to point out cows, ducks, pigs and chicks in any book or on TV. "Cow moo!" "Ig!" That has a "p" sound first Nora. Pig. "Ig! snort snort." My favorite is "duck! quack!" You have your "d" and "t" sounds down pat.
  • The other day you pointed to a picture in a book and said, "brushing teeth." I looked and sure enough the hedgehog in the picture was brushing its teeth.
  • You read to yourself and describe what's going on in the picture. Most of the time, its babbling nonsense but sometimes you recognize the word you need and then you repeat it over and over.
  • Someone can now use a fork correctly & consistently. Stab that food Nora! And you can navigate it very accurately into your mouth.
  • You now have 7 teeth: the 6 that appeared at once when you were 11 months and now an upper molar has emerged. 7 teeth in 18 months? You are a slow teeth grower.
  • Tomorrow you go for your 18 month check up and shots. We have been watching Barney's episode about dentists and doctors to prepare. We'll be singing our favorite, "The Doctor is a Friend of Mine" tomorrow when he's stabbing your thighs.

  • Our joy and pride has not weened since your birth. It's only grown stronger. What a beautiful person you are Nora. I already look forward to the next 18 Septembers to be able to witness a young woman blossom.

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