Monday, September 20, 2010

Reading with Elmo

I bought you this big stuffed Elmo at a consignment sale for a dollar. I wouldn't have bought it if you hadn't taken it off the table and started walking around with it. Then when it was time to go, you wouldn't put it back. Needless to say, Elmo came home with us.

You are in love with Elmo. Most recently, you insist on reading to Elmo and his friends. You carry Elmo around, gather up some books and make a nest somewhere. You sit down and read to Elmo and whoever else you decide to pick up, tonight it was Jingle Pig and Big Bird. The other day it was Slumber Sheep and your Boyd's Bear. Your stuffed animals are like your friends and you enjoy playing "school" where everyone sits in a circle for story time. You are the teacher and "read" to all the students. It makes me smile to watch you. After a long day where I'm not sure I cracked I smile, you make me laugh from the moment I step in the door.

You love books. You treasure books and its the only item we have issues with you sharing. You will share food, toys, balls, crayons... but books, no way. You state very clearly with fierce determination, "book mine!" Your brow furrowed with worry as you take off running with your book clutched tightly in your fists. How can I take a book from you?

You are so obsessed with books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters. Anything that is meant to be read. Did I tell you, Mr. Jerry read the wine festival magazine to you the other day... three times! It only had wine ads and descriptions of local vineyards!!! Then when we got you a real book, you had Mr. Jerry read that, Daddy, Mommy, Ms. Jessica and the neighboring blanket!!! I'm not kidding. I finally stopped you when you asked our neighbors to read it AGAIN after they had obliged you once.

What are we going to do with a book worm who won't share???
Well at least you share your books with the stuffed animals... baby steps.

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Reidun said...

Nels sprouted 3 heads! and One of them looks like his little bean! very strange things..... I look forward to adding to Nora's book selection :D