Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pumpkin Picking Party

We over-planted our pumpkin patch. Over 20 pumpkins sprouted, squirrels ate around 10and we were left with about 14 pumpkins. What better reason to throw a party than to pick a pumpkin fresh from our backyard patch?

Many people couldn't come for a variety of reasons. However, you were not alone Nora. All four of your grandparents came. Lucky duck! And your BFF Ashley came with her parents, of course. The Wagman family rounded out our attendees. We ate and drank fall food, picked pumpkins, decorated the pumpkins, migrated down the block to the Fall Fest carnival and milled around town.

The time together was rich with laughter and memories. How you are treasured Nora. You are fiercely loved by family, friends and our community. I am incredibly thankful you are growing up surrounded with so much love. What blessings these pumpkins reminded us we have.

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