Friday, September 24, 2010

Princess of FallFest

In less than 6 months you have been in 2 parades! When our neighbors were voted King and Queen of Fall Fest, they asked if you would ride with them on their royal float in the annual parade. Your father and I were so excited as we sat with about 20 other friends of the king and queen. The float was the 6th in line after the police and city officals. As you came down the street our entire section exploded in cheers, whistles, clapping and flashes from cameras. You had refused to wear your princess dress and crown, so you ended up in a summer dress and a bow! Along the parade route to apparaently waved to many fans / friends including Ms. Patti and her family. What fun!

We were so proud of all of you. The king and queen had to judge the rest of the floats / acts in the parade. You watched each float and waved at everyone. We had cotton candy and even met a green dog!

Your father kept saying "this is why we moved here."
So our daughter can be in parades?!?! But I think your father was really talking about a sense of community. We belong here and its nice to feel at home.

This weekend is going to be full of fall fun. Tonight is Midnight Madness in downtown (close the streets to cars & shop until midnight!), FallFest Carinival (last one of the season), and our Pumpkin Picking Party on Sunday.

Welcome Fall!!! Even though we're experiencing a heat wave with 90 degree weather.

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