Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Playing Puppy

You have always loved dogs. All pets really. You love Lazer, the cat and our pond fish too. Your first word was "dog" and more recently your first chore is feeding the dogs. You are really good at it and love to do it. We also ask you to feed the fish but most of the time you miss and get fish food all over the patio which Stan cleans up.

Anyway, at daycare the other kids love to play pretend games. Recently you have become involved in the group play. A current favorite is "puppy" where one of the older boys plays the dog and you play the puppy and the other kids play the people in the story. Nora, you make a very good puppy. You crawl around panting, arfing and arooing. You listen and follow commands like sit and fetch. It is hilarious to watch you playing. Now you like to play puppy by yourself at home. This evening we were all playing in the backyard and then when it got dark, in your room. You can role play and mimic very well. You understand how a person or animal acts. I wish I had taken a picture of you panting, it's so cute. I'll have to take a video of you as a puppy. You can play a very accurate puppy!

You also love to just hang out with the pets. I loved animals growing up. For awhile I wanted to be a vet. I am glad to see that you also have a love for animals.

You understand so much more now... and your enjoyment of activities grows as your involvement increases. Just a couple of months ago you didn't know how to play with other kids besides sitting next to one and possibly using the same toy. Now you interact, follow rules, follow a story and can communicate with other kids.

You understand the concept of a game. WOW! I think this is a major milestone in your cognitive abilities. Way to go my shaggy little Nora puppy.

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