Saturday, September 11, 2010

Planes, Trains, Motorcycles and Dinosaurs! Rawr!

I'm not sure when you started showing an interest in vehicles. You love toy cars, planes, trucks, motorcycles, trains. Anything on wheels that goes. I could deal with this. Bought a few cars and trucks etcetera. Fine. You love to roll them around the wood floors. Push them, crash them, line them up.

But then you began to like dinosaurs. It started with, "what does a dinosaur say?" You would respond with a resounding "RAWR!" Ok that's cute. I bought you a very scary looking dinosaur at a consignment sale for 50 cents. Because it was 50 cents.

I thought you would never really play with it. For one it is frightening looking.

Exhibit A:

Second, dinosaur play is not as intuitive as rolling a car on the ground. Apparently, you also know what dinosaurs do.

Exhibit B:

You did not learn that behavior from Barney!

In the waiting room of my doctor's office on Friday, you were quite the sight. Cute little girl in pig tails crashing cars together and a dinosaur destructively stomping through it all. A lady commented, "girls make good truck drivers too!" Girls make even better engineers...

You can choose any career you want though. No gender stereotypes will stop you. They haven't yet and as long as I'm around you will pursue whatever your interests are without reservations.

I guess I'll have to start learning those 'saurus' names pretty soon.


Kaethe said...

Ha!!! I loved getting to hear Nora's dinosaur sounds! So sweet and wonderful. One of Thisbe's B-day presents was a truck...and she cannot get enough. I guess these must be Jothen genes. She also got an awesome train... (more on that soon) :)

Reidun said...

That video was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! and that dinosaur is freaky, it looks like it should be part robot or something :p miss you guys!!!!!