Monday, September 27, 2010

Hello Fall! It's Nice to See You Again

Last Thursday was the official first day of fall. You were in the Fall Fest parade with the neighbors (see previous post). Saturday, you had your 18 month birthday. It seems incredible to me that you have already been alive for 18 months and at the same time it feels like so much longer.

2009: 6 months

2010: 18 months

You said your first sentence last Wednesday. I called Daddy to tell him I was leaving work at 5pm and it's an hour commute home (on a traffic free day). You got on the phone to say hi and clear as could be you exclaimed, "Mommy come home!"
I cried at my desk.

On Saturday you went to your first real friend's birthday party, Tomas turned 3. You and Tomas are in the wagon together.

By real friend, I mean another child whose parents your father and I aren't friends with or related to. You met Tomas at daycare with Ms. Patti and instantly the two of you paired off and became friends. Some days Tomas wouldn't want to play with you or got mad if you touched him. Other times Tomas would get very upset and didn't want to be around you. You don't understand why, but it doesn't prevent you from still being his friend. Tomas was recently diagnosed with autism. Tomas barely spoke or made any attempt at verbal communication besides crying. One day you waved to Tomas while saying BYE! over and over again. Tomas waved back and said "bye." crisp and clear. Cue the tears from all the adults watching. Since you started talking, so has Tomas. You are one of the only people he verbally communicates with. He gets excited when he sees you and you become equally thrilled. I feel so thankful to watch your relationship blossom. It makes me realize that I am not the only person who thinks you're special. Most kids would be frightened by another child who doesn't always act the same as everyone else. You are not rattled at all. You love Tomas for who he is and accept him completely. Once again, I am humbled by the way you act and think I can do better to treat those with special needs with more dignity and respect and love.

Other things I don't want to forget about 18 month old Nora:
  • How well your diction is developing. 'Tur-tle' is my favorite. You say it so sharply.
  • You say Stan with an "ahn" so you sound British. You call almost every dog Stan, including Brandy.
  • You use the word 'dinner' when asking for all meals.
  • Although you repeat the words 'breakfast' 'lunch' and 'snack' perfectly.
  • You try to say 'octopus' and every time its hilarious.
  • You love shoes and socks. However when I go to put them on you eat your toes and laugh manically. You take them off when you are in the car for more than 5 minutes.
  • Barney is the only thing you ask for anytime we turn on the TV. You immediately begin asking for Barney as soon as we get in the van.
  • You love to play with other kids and frequently engage others in play.
  • You probably use close to 100 words correctly. Your language has just exploded. You probably understand twice if not triple that amount.
  • Books and flash cards are your favorite. You sit while we go through your flashcards and repeat each word, most are perfectly repeated.
  • You can pick out colors / shapes / body parts pretty accurately. Where did you learn all of that?!?!
  • You love the number 2. You count, "one- TWO!"
  • You insist on praying at each meal and always join in on the "amen" its priceless.

Last year at Fall Fest, we had just moved up here and had no idea the adventures that we would go on. Fall is here again and we're glad.

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