Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dreams & Bubbles

Tonight Becca (our neighbor) had a pasta party for her field hockey team. We had about 25 high school girls in the backyard at the bonfire. Your father felt uncomfortable tending the fire without me or Becca's mom there with him. He said he didn't want to be that "creepy weird guy" hanging around high school girls. I told him to get over it. In 13 years this will be our lives. He has a daughter who will have her friends over to our house.

For the past few days I have been thinking a lot about 'teenage Nora'. I know we won't be all Gilmore Girls but I'm still excited to see the woman you will become. Will you play sports? Be in the drama club? Will you still be a girl scout? I'm saying still because it will not be option in elementary school. We are a girl scout family. That's just the way things are. Maybe you'll be into riding horses or dancing. Or singing. Or better yet robotics!

Oooooooooo the possibilities.

Is it bad that I couldn't get rid of some of my favorite college clothes? I packed them neatly away for you. Just some t-shirts, fun prints, a dress or two. Things you will probably not wear but for tonight I can dream. The future is wide open and it's fun to dream.

You are obsessed with blowing your own bubbles. Most of the time you only get one or two since you blow too hard. During this bubble blowing you concentrate so hard. I can see into the future. Your facial expressions like that of a girl so much older, so much wiser. And for a fleeting moment my dreams come to life in front of me. Then the delicate bubble pops and you are my year old tot again.

Life is really only fleeting moments that float away and disappear as fast as they come. As much as I try to hold onto bubbles, they always pop in my hand and disappear.

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