Sunday, September 12, 2010

Beware of Silence

I have not been updating lately. There are two very good reasons: 1. School started and my life exploded with meetings and failing technology and needy teachers. 2. Daddy went away on business leaving me without our digital card reader for the camera. Plus I was doing the single parent thing all week. All meals, all pick ups, all drop offs, all clean ups, all bath times /bedtimes... you name it, I did it! I would never want to be a single parent!

Let me share with you a little nugget of wisdom I learned this week. BEWARE of SILENCE. If its quiet, something is amiss. I learned very early in the week as I was juggling making dinner, taking care of the pets, cleaning up from a hectic morning. You were underfoot the entire time needing juice, a snack, me to open your crayon pouch, pick you up for a snuggle. Doing all this around a hot stove and sharp knives was difficult. But no accidents. Praise the Lord! You and I sat down to dinner, we chatted. We ate. We stared off into space.

Exhausted, I began the clean up. Dishes, pans, sticky trays and bibs. I was in the kitchen when I realized, you weren't bothering me. No Nora underfoot. Huh. I listened. I heard you "singing" in the other room. Hmmmmm. Maybe I shouldn't mess with a good thing. I continued on with the dishes until I needed to wash out your dinner cup. I asked you to bring me your cup from the table. A moment later you come toddling in with it. I take it and with a side glance I notice something odd. You toddle off and I follow you back to the stairs where you were sitting with a balloon and a permanent marker! You had not only colored the balloon with the marker, you also colored your outfit (ruined) and your body. Clearly you had pushed a chair over to the table, climbed up the chair, on top of the table to the center where we have keep some pens, markers, pencils. You choose the one marker you KNOW you not allowed to use... climbed down and sat on the step, pulled the cap off and began coloring.

By 6:30pm we were in a bath and I was scrubbing your art off your body.
Now I know when I don't hear you or see you... the odds are you have gotten into something you shouldn't. Toilet paper dunked in the toilet water, aquafor cream all over the side of your crib and changing table. Any other time you play loud with your toys, trying to engage anyone around. Now I know when it goes quiet.... I better go get the paper towels.

It doesn't look so bad:

Better View:

Did you notice the mark on the face? It was one of three!

Here you try and hide the marker behind your back. As if you weren't already caught...

Let's take a moment to mourn your "Busy Bee" outfit. I tried. Permanent marker. PER-MAN-ENT. Sigh.

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