Wednesday, April 28, 2010


How did she learn that? I get this question ALOT about you. At 5 weeks you turned over from belly to back and by 7 weeks you did back to belly. You always had a mastery of head contol since birth. You sat up by yourself by 3.5 months. At 4.5 mo you began crawling around. At 5 months you pulled yourself up to stand. By 10 months you were walking well. Not learning to walk, WALKING. That is who you are. I don't do anything but watch in amazement. I only know you. I only know how you grow and develop. It seemed fast to me and the doctor agreed. But I have no clue how you learn these things so quickly.

Now the words are coming so fast. You point to the door and say "outside."
Outside. What 13 month old says OUTSIDE?
Bubbles? Shoes? Banana????
Where DID you learn these words? I am so tickled about the things you pick up on. Yesterday you plopped yourself down and started playing with daddy's shoes. You kept saying "shoes" over and over.
You have been saying at least one new word a day.
"Juice" was one the other day.
How your little brain must be absorbing life.
And we can't forget about "cookie" or "uh oh" a favorite when you throw your toys out of the bathtub.
AND you always use these words correctly. You point at the bubbles when saying it since you want to play with bubbles. You say shoes when it is time to go somewhere or when you want to go somewhere like outside!
I say I never got to have an infant. You were hardly ever helpless. Just look at these photos from last spring... you were 8-10 weeks old?!?!

Next week, I am going to Florida for a conference. You are staying in Maryland. My heart aches at the thought of being away from each other for 5 whole days!!! But I know you will survive. You always have. You are so strong and so independent you don't need me every minute of every day... you never did.

You have always been your own person, on your own schedule. I can't push you to do anything. I try, but things happen only on your terms.

I find it funny when people ask "Where did she learn that?!?!"
I always have to answer, "I have no idea. She just is."

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