Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We've Become One of THOSE Families

I am exhausted. You had drained me of all energy. Every. Last. Ounce. I don't even want to write to you now... but you should know.

You should know about the screaming fits. The never ending screaming fits. You want cookies for breakfast (see previous post), I say no... you start screaming. You want me to pick you up, I say no, you can walk... screaming fit. I read you 5 books, you want another one, I say no time for bed... you got it screaming fit. You cling to me. Hold on to me, want to be carried everywhere. I was assuming your "no" screaming fits and clinging were happening to everyone who watches you... daddy, Ms. Patti, grandma, Reidun.
Nope. You reserve your screaming clinging fits just for me.
Thank you.

I am annoyed at you. Your constant whining, your screaming, your demands. You are only 12 months! We are not suppose to start this stage for another year!!!!
It's not all bad. Really. I try and cherish you in this moment. I admit, it's hard. Very hard. But one day you will not cling to my leg with all your might. One day you will not scream in pain when I walk out of the room.
You have been a classic drama queen... getting so upset over nothing. But it's something big to you. You will break down in a screaming fit over the word "no" and you turn bright red and tears come down your cheeks. To stay sane, I do tend to laugh at you. It's so ridiculous! I hope this is not scarring you. But I tend to think it's better you see me laughing then screaming back you!!!! sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

So we have become one of those families. One of those families who leashes their out of control toddler. Oh how judgmental I was pre-you.
Who could ever put a leash on their child, like a dog! Unthinkable.
The universe is so funny that way.
In my previous life, I would also complain about people's kids screaming uncontrollably too... and well, you know how the universe repaid me for that!
So we bought a backpack leash. It's pretty fancy, it has a white board attached for you to draw. It's called "Petite Picasso" cute, huh?
Good thing we got this for you... I kept you from falling in the pond yesterday. Really, this is not for everyday use. Only those special occasions like theme parks or the zoo. But we had to try it out the other day.

Oh how my world has change since you. How my perceptions about parenting have had to become actions. Actions that I never thought I would be doing (wiping up your snot with my sleeve... tracking the color & consistency of your poos... the tomato sauce stains that will never come out of my pants). Parenthood is nothing like I imagined. But you are worth it all. All the stains, all the poos, all the screams, all the whining, all the snot!!! I'll tell you a secret, I will allow you take every last ounce of energy from me everyday if it means you will stay healthy and happy. Although I pray this stage will pass quickly :)

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