Friday, April 16, 2010

Rainbow Dress

Today you wore a rainbow dress you received as birthday gift. We went to the library play group where Ms. Brenda exclaimed: "That girl needs a tent!" You would not stop playing under the easel where the felt rhymes are done. You would peek out of either side, under it sometimes. Waving your hands at whoever would pay you any attention. Your dad and I set up your tent and tunnel from Christmas. You played all evening in the living room while the thunder storm rolled through. You laughed and laughed. You took books and your piano inside the tunnel. I would grab your feet through the material. You would break down in a fit of giggles.

We spent the afternoon outside. We played with bubbles, swung on the hammock, fed the fish in the pond, played in the dirt. You love to "throw" the ball for the dogs but it never goes far and the dogs don't know whether or not you actually threw it. They stand there befuddled wondering what's wrong with your throwing ability. You laugh. We all laugh.

Lately, you have been communicating rather well. You use jesters and hand signals to tell us what you want. The cutest is when you want out of your highchair or you need to be picked up you lift both hands in the air and wait. You are able to follow simple directions like, "give this bowl to daddy" and you toddle away to hand him the bowl. I tell you to "go get your juice" and you toddle off and find your juice.

Today you went with Daddy and Reidun to the garden store to get mulch. When you arrived home, I waved to you from the back deck and called your name. You looked up at me from the back fence and smiled your toothy grin and waved back at me. It was like a scene out a movie. I went running down the stairs, you toddled as fast as your little legs would allow. We met in front of the pond. I knelt down and held out my arms. You came toward me with your arms outstretched, smile on your face. You embraced me with all the muster a one year old could manage. I held you tight in the hug and was filled with such content I could have exploded. The moment was pure. I want to always remember your tiny hands clutching onto me as if we had been a part for months, not minutes.
Thank you for such love. I feel unworthy but I savor every morsel of it nevertheless.

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