Monday, April 5, 2010

Nora goes to Washington

Marta and Troy are in town from Seattle this week. What do we do with out of town visitors the first week in April??? Take them to see the cherry blossoms in Washington DC.

Down we went for the day. It was a good day; clear, sunny, a little bit of wind, in the mid 70s. Although during mid day it did get quite warm. You took a nap as Troy pushed your stroller from the Air and Space museum to the War World II memorial. We walked from Capitol South all the way to the Lincoln Memorial and then around the Tidal Basin to see the flowers. It was quite the adventure.
I grew up in a Washington DC suburb. I have ridden the metro a thousand times. I have walked the mall, ridden the carousel, seen the Air and Space exhibits over and over. Cherry blossoms are no big deal. Happens every year. A few times I marched in the Cherry Blossom Festival parade as a balloon carrier. I forget sometimes how special Washington DC is. It's still the same old set up as from when I was a child. But there was something special going into DC to see the cherry blossoms with you.

It could've been my own ignorance. Since you turned one, I thought all your 'firsts' are over. Mommy can be silly sometimes. Today, you went to the Air and Space museum for the first time, sat under cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin for the first time, rode the carousel on the mall for the first time. Although we went to the National Gallery of Art and walked the mall and rode the metro all before, today was a day of firsts for you. I became very excited when I thought of all the experiences that have not happened yet. First time in a swimming pool without me holding you, first time at a amusement park, first time eating cotton candy, first time on an airplane! So many experiences have not happened to you yet. I will cherish them all.

Tomorrow we have plans to go to the Baltimore Aquarium. I have high hopes for this adventure after today's experience. Oh! And you have never gone to the Bmore aquarium before, another first! Hooray! I think almost everyday lately you have been doing something you never did before. You have new words, new games to play, new places to explore. I think I understand the old adage, "children keep you young" because you not only keep me constantly on my toes, you help me see the same old places and events with a renewed sense of beauty and wonder. Thank you Nora for showing me how blind I have been.

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