Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter & Egg Hunts

Oh Nora. Where do I begin? This weekend has been priceless.
We started with a Good Friday visit to the Easter Bunny at our local mall. You loved the bunny from a far. Close up? Not so much. I haven't uploaded the picture from Shutterfly but... well let's just say you look pissed. I guess it's rather scary and annoying to be placed on a giant fuzzy rabbit and then be expected to smile!!! You were cute though. You wore your Easter dress with bunny ears that Ms. Patti gave you. The ears happened to match your dress perfectly! It was meant to be!

Saturday we had the town egg hunt in the morning. Again, you wore your Easter dress. The egg hunt was very competitive and some parents didn't follow the rules!!! I can say that your father and I never touched an egg! You did all the picking up, but we helped you hunt and would point out the eggs. Some parents just picked up tons and tons of eggs for their child. Not us. You did it all yourself. Ok, those other kids might have ended up with a lot more eggs but you had an EXPERIENCE! Four eggs worth of hunting experience. But don't worry too much, when an older child took an egg right out from under you, I stood up for both of us. After all, we were in the ONE year old section of the hunt.

We went to Grandma and Grandpa's for an early Easter dinner. We had a fun hunt with everyone. You were an expert egg hunter by this time. You could find the eggs (with some pointing help), pick them up and placed them in your basket. There were many treats hidden inside of the eggs that you tried to stuff in your mouth. But we kept preventing you from actually eating the candy. I think this might have been rather frustrating. But when dessert was serve you would not be denied.

It was good to spend time with family.

Easter morning was spent eating hot cross buns, hunting your Easter basket in the backyard and running up the aisle during mass.

I think Jesus would have liked the way you celebrated his Resurrection. In church, you wanted to be a part of the mass by singing, dancing, responding, testifying. Although some may not have been able to interrupt your noises as such, your intentions were pure. You are good celebrator. At one point you found the air vent in church and stood over it so your dress and hair blew all over the place. You lingered over the spot as you saw every one's reaction to your antics. It was quite hilarious.
The afternoon was spent with Ms. Shirley and Erin where they had another small hunt for you! You totally kicked butt in this egg hunt and found 11 eggs! We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with Nonna and Nonni at Easter dinner. You were so tired when we got home, you did not want any bedtime routine. You only wanted BED!

It was a good Easter weekend. My soul is full.

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