Friday, April 2, 2010

the beginning

Today you had an Easter party at daycare. You made a craft. A bunny out of paper, foam, pipe cleaners and cotton balls. It made me tear up when Ms. Patti handed it over. Your first arts & craft project. Although since hot glue was used Ms. Patti had to do your cutting and gluing. Apparently, you were an expert at 'patting down" the glued pieces. We put the pink bunny with white ears in the area of highest distinction: our refrigerator.

I know this is only the beginning of art projects and refrigerator worthy material. It seems so special to have something your little hands created. I never want to loose the feeling of today. I want to appreciate and love everything you make, the way I did today. I hope I never become complacent with your creations. Every drawing, every painting, every piece of pottery I want to treasure and keep. I might need to get more storage space. I also might be unrealistic. However, I can promise you this Nora, I am privileged to be given your creations, I will never turn them away and they will always make it to the refrigerator for the world to see.

In other news....
Reidun, Becca, you and I walked 2 miles tonight to get ice cream. Well we walked and you rode in your new birthday wagon. Hoffmans Ice Cream is a town treasure. All homemade. Yum! It's an institution here in Westminster. You will know it well. Anyway, we felt spunky tonight so we walked instead of driving. Most of the trek had no sidewalks and cars zoomed by at 40 MPH. This made me very nervous. I would cradle you in my arms when I got too worried about the danger of speeding vehicles and the fading light. I thought holding you was better than riding in the death trap wagon. Don't fret, we made it safe and sound to Hoffman's Ice Cream. However, Daddy came and picked us up, wagon and all, so we did not have to walk back home. You ate a soft served vanilla cone then attacked the rest of our ice creams.

Laughter was abundant and memories were made. It was a good night. When I worry about not capturing every moment, every project, every ice cream adventure, I have to keep reminding myself, it's only the beginning.

Tomorrow, we take on the Easter Bunny at the mall!!! Wish us luck!

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