Sunday, April 18, 2010

Animal Crackers

Lately, you've had a fascination with animal crackers. We bought a barrel from BJs, a big box store in town, for your birthday party. The last few weeks you constantly search out that barrel and point to it until someone gives you a "cookie" to eat. You went through the entire barrel in two weeks, with some help from the adults. We had to buy a new barrel today. Your appetite for animal crackers in insatiable. I have to cut you off most days by hiding the barrel in an undisclosed location. Here you are in all your animal cracker glory in the shopping cart:

Today for the first time we used the fire truck shopping cart at our local grocery store. You "drove" all the around the store and loved the horn. How much fun it was... well for mommy it was hard to steer but you had a great time!

Later in the car, Reidun had you rolling with laughter from tickling your knees! Who knew your knees were so sensitive to tickles?!?!?

Overall, it was a quiet day. Mass and breakfast with Becca. Lunch and shopping with Ms. Salli and Sister Karen. Then an afternoon of grocery shopping. Now you are asleep and tomorrow we will start again. Another day gone... I hope we made the best of it!

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Kaarn said...

She must take after her Aunt Kaarn who is also super ticklish!