Sunday, April 25, 2010

13 Months Old

Today you are 13 months old.

You have begun to dream and wake at night. You cry out for a few seconds and then fall back asleep. I wonder what you dream about. Apparently you are just able to start dreaming, it occurs for the first time between 12-14 months.

You talk more and more. Tonight, we think you said "thank you," it was clear as a bell. You say "hi" and "up" and "dog" and "mom" and "dad" and other noises that don't make sense to us. You have some noise for "cat" that leaves off the t. You point at an object and babble gibberish for about 30 seconds. I always try to respond something like "I see that flower! Isn't is pretty?" or "Show me what you want." You have become quite the communicator both verbally and with gestures.

Best of all? You have started to play by yourself for long periods of time. During this imaginative play, you talk to yourself and fiddle with a variety of your toys. This free time for me has been wonderful! I have been able to do the dishes and other chores while you're awake. Sometimes I garden, sometimes I just sit and sip tea and watch you play.

You still have a fascination with outside and ask to go all the time by pointing at the back door. You become annoyed when someone goes outside and doesn't bring you along. Today it was misting, cold and foggy. Still you insisted on going outside to play before mass. You mostly play with the bubbles and want to swing on the hammock. But you love exploring the backyard and all the nature items that seem to be very tasty. You love the park and will play there all day if I let you.

At 13 months, your love of people has not lessened. You went to the church nursery for the first time today and you didn't have an issue being left with people you've never met before. You walk in the room, we talk to the teacher for a while, you engage in play with a little boy engrossed in the pile of cars. You have this uncanny ability to fit in wherever you go. Strangers become friends so easily for you.

A new fascination has arisen with my wallet and purse. You love to carry around my purse. Or you will squat and take everything out of my purse and inspect each piece very carefully. I find my cards and phone and keys strewn all over the house. It wasn't very fun today when it took daddy and I a 1/2 hr to find all the contents of my wallet!!!

We went and played with baby chicks last night at the local tractor supply store. You loved watching them. You were so enthralled with these animals you had never experienced before. You observed for a long time until it was time to say goodbye.

You brush your teeth by yourself now. I have to wrangle the toothbrush away from you most days when its time to stop. You love brushing your teeth. I don't love the amount of drool that ends up on the front of your shirt.

13 months of you...

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Kaethe said...

Nora, you are just too friggin' cute. We want to see your cute self out here in Minnesota some time soon. Bring your mom's purse too. :)