Saturday, December 27, 2008

Post-Christmas Blah

As of Christmas, I have started my third trimester and let me tell you, this pregnancy thing is becoming increasingly harder with each passing minute. My belly button hurts... I fear it is popping but so far it is just sore. I have horrible indigestion & stomach cramps. I read that the baby is growing and needs more room so she is pushing up into my stomach causing these issues. Also, I become short of breath easier because of more pressure on my lungs. The OB appointment is on Monday where I get more tests. Hopefully everything is going to be ok. I have not been sleeping well since I am constantly worrying about things. Maybe this is what the experts call "nesting."

Speaking of nesting, Nels and I have started to demo the upstairs bathroom. We are completely gutting everything and starting over. It is a small bathroom and we are doing all the work so we hope to be done in a week or so. We have to use the bathroom down the basement. I am bothered by the huge mess and I want to clean and dust and have everything in it's place but that can't happen during construction. I am lucky that Nels knows what he is doing, otherwise this remodel would be taking a lot longer and be a lot more expensive. I hopefully can get back to my nesting soon.

Besides all of my complaining, my winter break is going well. Christmas was very exciting with my family. We are so loud and rambunctious there is hardly time to rest. Our pets are conked out today because they barely slept for 3 days with everything going on!

I think I am going to start to register for baby things soon. Many people have asked if we have things done / ready. Ummm, no. Nothing is done. Our excuse is that we have to remodel the bathroom first. But the reality is we don't have time to get things very organized. We have picked out a crib, it will come from IKEA because I refuse to spend an arm and a leg on a crib. We love IKEA in this family!!!

I am re-reading this and realizing that: 1. I am whiny. 2. I am boring. I won't blame you if you never come back to read my blog again. Maybe I will be more creative later on and have something interesting to say!

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