Friday, October 10, 2008

I know you want a healthy baby...

But what do you want more a boy or girl? I am getting is question alot from my co-workers. I am a technology integeration specialist in a middle school. We have over 100 faculty members at my school and I work with all of them.
I'm thinking more about this since we get to go for an ultrasound on Election Day and we will be given the option to know the sex of the baby! EXCITING! I thought my mind was made up... we need to know the sex, like yesterday! I have to be prepared and ready. The real reason? I am intrincically nosy. I just have to know or it will drive me crazy. But lately I have been second guessing my presumptive choice just to know right away. I certainly won't love the baby any more or less. Maybe I should be patient? You might be wondering about my husband's opinion on this matter. If you know my husband, he generally does not have strong opinions and he can do 'whatever' in most cases... complete opposite of myself.

So the answer to the question of boy or girl? I am truly undecided. I love love love girl clothes, little girls are the sweetest and most adorable. I am, afterall, one of four girls. Girls are epic in my family. We are just cuter. Boys are foriegn to me. I have very little experience with boy children but it poses a great adventure for me and my all girl family. I always wanted a brother. I can't tell you how disappointed when I was told I had another sister (twice). When my youngest sister was born, I think I groaned in annoyance. However, today I would not trade my family for anything. So I know whatever sex the baby is, it's exactly what it's meant to be. I am more anxious at discovering the personality of the baby. I pray it is more like my husband, laid back and less like my hyper self

I told my husband that we should go to the OB appointment and then vote for president based on the sex of the baby. Boy = Obama, girl = McCain. He did not find it very amusing. I thought it was a great idea!

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