Friday, October 31, 2008


Tonight we have a barrage of trick-or-treaters coming up to the door and I am hiding upstairs. Nels gives out all the candy. I don't like to interact with all the kids. Bad sign for parenthood? I teach middle school and I never have any issue interacting with the students. I have always liked older children better then the wee ones. I enjoy children who can wipe their own butt & wash their hands. Although I don't know how many kids do the latter....

I am nervous about all the poop and spit-up and gross things that babies can do. I have a very sensitive gag reflex to smells. People tell me it will be different with my own child... I sure hope so otherwise I will have to move back in with my mom. She can handle any smell!!!

In a year will our child have a costume for Halloween? Will I have to make a costume in a few years for them to wear? One of my favorite costumes my mom made was a unicorn in first grade. I had a rainbow mane and a sparkly horn! I even won a prize. She made my older sister a Crest toothpaste costume. Only my older sister would have wanted to be tube of toothpaste as a child. I can't even think about our child being in college going out to parties. I just want them to develop ok inside me... I can't imagine them as an adult! Now that is a SCARY thought.

Happy Halloween!!! Maybe this time next year we will have some cute baby Halloween pictures to post. And in 22 years.... God only knows!

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